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Remote Learning

Home learning if self-isolating or awaiting a Coronavirus test


If a child is isolating due to Coronavirus, the school will continue to provide appropriate work. Our school will be using the Oak National Academy to provide this. This is an online government-approved teaching resource that provides video instruction, assessment quizzes and activities across a broad range of subjects.

The work can be accessed as follows:


  1. Go to schedule: This will provide a page for all year groups.
  2. Click on the year group for the child, eg Year 6.
  3. This will take you to the page in the picture below (schedule home screen). At the top of the page will be the current week of the term (previous weeks are below). This will be dated (eg Oak Week 2, 14th September). See image
  4. Always start with Monday’s work, regardless of which day isolation began. This is because the work is planned sequentially, so missing Monday’s lesson could mean key content needed for Tuesday is missed. Depending upon the child’s age, there will be 2-4 lessons per day to complete. See image
  5. Select the lesson. When you have completed the lesson, press ‘schedule’ to return to the ‘schedule home screen’.  See image
  6. The day’s work should be completed for each day the child is in isolation.

Home-to-School Communication

We ask that you continue to use the class email system during any self-isolation period to communicate with the class teacher. 


You will find that many lessons within the Oak Academy website include online quizzes to check the children’s understanding. This part is essential and will identify any gaps in learning. Please check your child’s quiz results and email the child’s class teacher to let them know any successes or difficulties that the child is encountering so that they can be supported when they return to school.


Additional Learning Opportunities

In addition to this, all children have access to a wide range of additional learning resources. These can be found on the school’s website at:

Remote Learning Showcase

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